Slades launches ‘Zest Fruit Soda’

Slades launches ‘Zest Fruit Soda’
September 22, 2015 Slades

Slade's launches ‘Zest Fruit Soda

The huge success of Mount Warrenheip Natural Spring Water here in Australia has seen an unprecedented amount of interest from overseas markets.  Following on from a number of recent successes, Slades has just launched Mt Warreheip Spring Water into Hong Kong & China. With a huge appetite for water the reception in the Asian market has been phenomenal, a growing number of retailers have been requesting the beverage with the people of Hong Kong and China voting with their lips.

In the competitive pure water marketspace Mount Warrenheip’s edge of offering not only one of the purest waters in the world but the added benefits of minerals such as silica & lithium has seen it thrive. The average consumers understanding of a healthy lifestyle along with the awareness of the importance of vitamins and minerals make Mount Warrenheip Pure Spring Water the perfect fit for this market.

Slades look forward to steady growth in the region and will continue to supply one of the best water beverages in the world.