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Stretched across 12,000 m2 of production site and warehouse in the industrial town of Thomastown, VICTORIA and with more than 100 years of existence and manufacturing experience SLADES Beverages prides in its making of drinks and water. We specializes in custom label still water, sparkling drinks, plant-based UHT milk, juice drinks, energy drinks, and a lot more. Our dedicated team prides itself in offering a one-stop and cost effective solution for our customers, and we have the leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to all our customer’s needs.

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Slades Beverages complements our manufacturing facility with the highest grade of Food Quality Accreditation. We have HACCP, ABWI and BRC Global Food Accreditation body for Food Safety Standard.

Coconut Water Manufacturer

Slades Beverages is fully Australian and family owned business. Slades Beverages could also be considered the largest privately owned manufacturer in Victoria. Not only does Slades manufacture its own brands, it also welcomes customers who would like to have their own private labels of their drinks. Furthermore, Slades has its own blow-moulding bottle plant so it can provide customers with the best possible price and needs.
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Slades – the Best Coconut Water Manufacturer in Australia

Established around 1860, Slades have been at the forefront of drink manufacturing in Australia for more than 150 years. From early days producing table ales in our first brewery, to developing a tasty range of carbonated soft drinks, we stay on top of trends and technology to ensure that we are always delivering the best in bottled beverages.

Our Cottonwood Springs brand bottles the most delicious spring water at source, while Angus O’Neil’sroot and ginger beer table ales are delivered in beautiful dark glass bottles. Quench Aqua Fruits offer delicious fruit juice drinks that are a balance of low joules and refreshing taste. For water, our Just Water range comes in cartons and is a no-fuss option popular with ecologically minded customers.

Of course, development of new products is all ongoing, and that is why Slades are aiming to be the best coconut water manufacturer in Australia.

Why Coconut Water?

Coconut water has been a trend in healthy beverages for a little while now, but the reason it is so popular among athletes and fitness gurus is because it is a natural alternative to sugary drinks.

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside coconuts. This is often harvested from green coconuts – they are easier to open, and the water is tastier, and more plentiful in immature coconuts.

Coconuts are used for many things now, the flesh can be made into coconut oil for cooking, skin care and hair moisturising, and coconut milk too.

As a drink, coconut water is a relatively low-calorie option with a great flavour, so it is a much healthier option than many sugary fizzy drinks or juices. It is claimed that it can help aid weight-loss, although there is not yet any scientific evidence to back this up.

Coconut water might be a good drink option for athletes, as it has been suggested that it can improve endurance and performance. This claim comes from the composition of coconut water – containing glucose, sodium, and potassium, it has the same crucial components as commercial sports drinks. The potassium found in coconut water can lower blood pressure too!

Whether the health benefits are proven or not, coconut water is undoubtably more ‘interesting’ to drink than plain water and is a better option than sugar-filled soft drinks or juices.

Slades at the Forefront of Beverage Technology

Here at Slades we are undoubtably proud of our delicious drinks, but we couldn’t create them without our state-of-the-art bottling plant. As leading manufacturers, we are confident that all our products are perfectly constructed, with delicious flavour profiles and packaging that is good for the environment.

We offer Contract Packaging services which offers beverage brands the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge, expertise, and technology to create their own unique packaging. From fully customisable plastic bottles to cartons and glass, we can help other beverage brands create their perfect look with our state-of-the-art production facility. Get the perfect iconic bottle shape that suits your drinks with our blow moulding bottle production and find out more about the other ways we can package your drinks by getting in contact with us today.

It couldn’t be easier to take advantage of the full Slades range of beverages. With simple ordering online, you can have your favourite drinks delivered to your door in as little as 3 working days (depending on your location). Orders received before 9am will be shipped the same day, and free shipping is available on some products.

Contact us today and find out why we are the best coconut water manufacturers in Australia.

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