Cottonwood Springs

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Slades has a wide range of brands to suit every occasion, flavour and price point. From Angus O’Neil’s Ginger and Root Beer to Quench, Originals and Cottonwood Springs water + mineral water varieties.

• Quench Aqua Fruits

• Slades Original Soft Drink

• Just Water

• Cottonwood Springs

• Angus O'Neil's

Ingredients Tables

Slades beverages are made in Australia from a variety of natural and sourced ingredients using only the freshest and highest quality materials.

Cottonwood Springs

The water from Cottonwood springs has a unique flavour. With its high balanced mineral content, in particular Silica & Magnesium, it offers a refreshing soft silky taste with a hint of sweetness. Bottled at the source, Cottonwood Spring Water is pumped through a sealed delivery system free of human contact to ensure nothing gets in the way of our pure refreshing water.

Cottonwood Springs water is noted for having the highest known Silica content in Australia (higher than other brands like Evian and Mt. Franklin) which contributes to its unique taste.

Cottonwood Springs is the most premium spring water source in Australia. With its high balanced mineral content and soft smooth taste, we endeavour to share with the world the natural pure water of Cottonwood Springs.

We have exciting plans to extend the modern bottling plant to cater for the needs of the Australian market. Our goal is for Cottonwood Springs to be the top selling premium water brand. As a carbon and eco-friendly company, we constantly seek ways to use renewable energy to power our bottling plant and keep it environmentally friendly. We also believe in giving back to the community, and invite you to take part in our community ventures.

Available Varieties

        • Pure Spring Water (350mL)
        • Pure Spring Water (600mL)
        • Pure Spring Water (1.5L)
        • Pure Spring Water (10L)

Coming Soon

        • Sparkling Spring Water (330mL)
        • Sparkling Lemon (330mL)
        • Sparkling Lime(330mL)
        • Tetra Pak Spring Water(1L)


* Naturally High in Lithium & Silica:
* Fresh Unique Flavour
* Bottled at the Source
* Great Therapeutic Values
* Focus on  Carbon and Eco-Friendly Values

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