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Stretched across 12,000 m2 of production site and warehouse in the industrial town of Thomastown, VICTORIA and with more than 100 years of existence and manufacturing experience SLADES Beverages prides in its making of drinks and water. We specializes in custom label still water, sparkling drinks, plant-based UHT milk, juice drinks, energy drinks, and a lot more. Our dedicated team prides itself in offering a one-stop and cost effective solution for our customers, and we have the leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to all our customer’s needs.

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Slades Beverages complements our manufacturing facility with the highest grade of Food Quality Accreditation. We have HACCP, ABWI and BRC Global Food Accreditation body for Food Safety Standard.

Eco Friendly Bottle Packaging

Slades Beverages is fully Australian and family owned business. Slades Beverages could also be considered the largest privately owned manufacturer in Victoria. Not only does Slades manufacture its own brands, it also welcomes customers who would like to have their own private labels of their drinks. Furthermore, Slades has its own blow-moulding bottle plant so it can provide customers with the best possible price and needs.
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Sustainable Bottle Packaging

At Slades Beverages, we are proud to be socially and environmentally conscious so that we can bring our customers and the companies that we partner with the best experience from their drinks without causing further harm to the environment.

Our eco-friendly bottle packaging offers you a great option for creating beverage packaging that not only looks great but also helps to do your part in creating a better world. We complete our packaging on-site in the industrial town of Thomastown. As our site stretches over 12,000 m² with a production site and warehouse, we are capable of taking care of your packaging needs whether they are for large or small volumes.

Why Choose to be Sustainable When You Look for Bottle Packaging?

Customers are more aware of companies who have an ethos that involves taking care of the environment. They often want to know if products have been produced sustainably and if they are making an eco-friendly decision by purchasing your beverage.

Not only this but by choosing sustainable bottle packaging, you can look forward to your product having a greener footprint, which adds to the feel-good factor of creating tasty and healthy drinks for your customers to enjoy.

When you choose to work with Slades Beverages, you can have a clear conscience knowing that your packaging has been produced sustainably to bring your customers a great tasting drink that does not cause further harm to the environment.

Slades Beverages: We Work with You to Create a Great Finished Product

At Slades Beverages, we create long-term partnerships with the companies that we work with, and these all involve trust and value. We make sure that we listen to you and learn about your business so that we understand your needs. Where necessary, we will invest in capabilities to make your product better.

You can be sure that when you choose to work with Slades Beverages, we are here to support and represent you. This can include creating opportunities where they exist for both local markets and export markets. We have a profile that includes the USA, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many more.

We have a wealth of experience in the industry, and we use this to help to grow your business.

We are proud to be one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers in Victoria, and as a family-run business, you can be sure that we put your needs at the forefront. There are no lengthy waits for any decisions that need to be made thanks to not us needing board room meetings. We make decisions as a family, and we can think on our feet. As long as it makes sense to us as a family, and it is commercially viable, we will take the risk and invest in capabilities to further your business We strive to be the best drink manufacturer in Australia.

If you are looking for contract packaging that can complete your bottle packaging in an eco-friendly way, make sure you contact us and let us show you what we can do for you. You can get in contact by phone, email, or our online enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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