Slades Original

Our Brands

Slades has a wide range of brands to suit every occasion, flavour and price point. From Angus O’Neil’s Ginger and Root Beer to Quench, Originals and Cottonwood Springs water + mineral water varieties.

• Quench Aqua Fruits

• Slades Original Soft Drink

• Just Water

• Cottonwood Springs

• Angus O'Neil's


Slades beverages are made in Australia from a variety of natural and sourced ingredients using only the freshest and highest quality materials.

Slades Originals

Slades Original Soft Drink range has stood the test of time and is a favourite among many households. With 8 flavours to choose from it’s the perfect refreshment for any occasion. All varieties come in a handy 1.25L bottle and with so many flavours available the biggest problem is choosing your favourite! Slades Originals also has a Low Joule Lemonade for the health conscience as well as a Natural Mineral Water & Soda Water.

Classic flavours like Cola, Lemon Squash & Lemonade are our popular Slades Originals. We offer an affordable soft drink that doesn’t compromise on quality, try it today.

Available Flavours


        • Lemonade
        • Mineral Water
        • Cola

  • Lemon Squash
  • Orange
  • Soda Water

  • Low Joule Lemonade
  • Low Joule Cola

Available Sizes

        • 1.25L


* 8 Exciting Flavours
* Low Joule, Mineral Water and Soda Water Options
* Affordable with a Great Taste.
* Favourite Flavours Like Cola, Lemon Squash & Lemonade

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