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Stretched across 12,000 m2 of production site and warehouse in the industrial town of Thomastown, VICTORIA and with more than 100 years of existence and manufacturing experience SLADES Beverages prides in its making of drinks and water. We specializes in custom label still water, sparkling drinks, plant-based UHT milk, juice drinks, energy drinks, and a lot more. Our dedicated team prides itself in offering a one-stop and cost effective solution for our customers, and we have the leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to all our customer’s needs.

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Slades Beverages complements our manufacturing facility with the highest grade of Food Quality Accreditation. We have HACCP, ABWI and BRC Global Food Accreditation body for Food Safety Standard.

Sports Drink Manufacturer

Slades Beverages is fully Australian and family owned business. Slades Beverages could also be considered the largest privately owned manufacturer in Victoria. Not only does Slades manufacture its own brands, it also welcomes customers who would like to have their own private labels of their drinks. Furthermore, Slades has its own blow-moulding bottle plant so it can provide customers with the best possible price and needs.
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What Makes a Great Sports Drink Manufacturer?

To be a brilliant sports drink manufacturer you need to have a state-of-the-art production plant, access to the absolute best in scientific research, dedicated teams, and the absolute best in ingredients. Having access to contract beverage canning also helps.

Whether you remember the flavours that we made in your childhood (Slades Original Soft Drinks), or you are looking for a delicious, low joule thirst quencher (Quench Aqua Fruits), Slades have something that is perfect for you.

Our manufacturing plant includes facilities to create glass bottles, fully recyclable cartons, and environmentally sound plastics – which means that we have taken the time to ensure that our drinks not only taste great, but they do great for the environment. We choose PET for our plastic bottles – it is easy to mould using heat and air in our blow mould bottling machinery, and it is fully recyclable at the end of life, where it can be washed and repurposed into more bottles, or even to make fabric and furniture.

As a sports drink manufacturer, we have all the technology we need to create good-looking, environmentally friendly, and useful packaging – as well as the scientific knowledge about what makes a good sports drink.

So, What Makes a Great Sports Drink?

Of course, as drinks manufacturers we know that taste is the most important facet of a great tasting beverage, no matter what it is made for. However, to be a great sports drink manufacturer we know that we need to thoroughly understand the science behind exercise, athlete performance, and rehydration.

In all sports drinks, the main ingredient is water. We all know that hydration is important in everyday life, but when it comes to athletic performance and endurance, water is needed to replace fluids lost through sweat.

Of course, Slades have access to the very best-tasting water in Australia – our Cottonwoods Springs water is bottled at source after filtering through the basalt and silica rocks of an inactive volcano right here in Australia.

To help replenish lost fluids, electrolytes are added to water. Our body fluid is made up of sodium and potassium as well as water, so when we sweat, we lose electrolytes too – and this can mean a sharp drop in performance at every athletic level.

For energy, carbohydrates are the best way for athletes to get long-lasting results – and in sports drinks, we use glucose, sucrose, or fructose, usually depending on the flavour. This fast-acting energy allows both pro-athletes and the casual exerciser to keep going for longer. For those who are looking for a low-joule sports drinks, you can find them without the carbs – perfect if you are counting calories.

Some of the best sports drinks are ‘isotonic’. This means that they have the same molecular density as the body’s own fluids, so they can move across the gut wall and are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker.

Sports drinks, then, can be seen as a delivery system for water, salt, and sugar – all the athlete needs to ensure hydration throughout any sport.

Slades – Scientific Knowledge, Delivered

Slades are more than just the carbonated soft drink you remember from your childhood. Thoroughly Australian since 1860, family-run and forward thinking, Slades are a household name when it comes to carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, water, and sports drinks manufacturers.

We offer swift delivery when you order online, same day dispatch on orders received by 9am, and reliable couriers to make sure your drinks arrive safely. We are passionate about customer service, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get our delicious beverages – with a factory outlet as well as our online service, the choice is yours.

Buy from Slades and find out why should be the number one choice for sports drink manufacturers in Australia.

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