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Stretched across 12,000 m2 of production site and warehouse in the industrial town of Thomastown, VICTORIA and with more than 100 years of existence and manufacturing experience SLADES Beverages prides in its making of drinks and water. We specializes in custom label still water, sparkling drinks, plant-based UHT milk, juice drinks, energy drinks, and a lot more. Our dedicated team prides itself in offering a one-stop and cost effective solution for our customers, and we have the leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to all our customer’s needs.

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Slades Beverages complements our manufacturing facility with the highest grade of Food Quality Accreditation. We have HACCP, ABWI and BRC Global Food Accreditation body for Food Safety Standard.

Contract Beverage Canning

Slades Beverages is fully Australian and family owned business. Slades Beverages could also be considered the largest privately owned manufacturer in Victoria. Not only does Slades manufacture its own brands, it also welcomes customers who would like to have their own private labels of their drinks. Furthermore, Slades has its own blow-moulding bottle plant so it can provide customers with the best possible price and needs.
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Slades – the Number One Choice for Contract Beverage Canning in Australia

With over 150 years of experience in creating and packaging some of Australia’s best-loved drinks, Slades know what makes a great beverage experience. We have been brewing table ales, creating carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks and bottling water at source as well as investigating new ways to deliver hydration to our customers since the 1860’s – and that is why we are the perfect choice if you are looking for packaging options for your own brand.

Slades know what works in terms of materials, branding and ingredients, so if you are looking for expert knowledge and advice to help your brand get noticed, then our team would be happy to help.

Whether you are looking for contract beverage canning for sports drinks, plant-based milk alternatives, energy drinks, water and sparkling water, or almost any other beverage, Slades can help you find the perfect way to package your product.

Your Brand, Your Choice.

Whatever you are planning to bottle, our contract beverage canning options give you the best choice of how to market your drinks. We have a state-of-the-art production facility, and you can take advantage of not only our machinery, but also our knowledge, to help you make the most of your drinks.

  • Glass

We sell our table ales in beautiful, dark glass bottles. This traditional method of delivering beverages suits our oldest brand – and our customers love the fact that these bottles are 100% reusable or recyclable.

  • Carton

Customers now want to know that they are purchasing from a business that cares about the environment. Our carton options include Tetra Pak technology, making them easy to use, personalise and recycle at end of life.

  • Plastic

As part of a drive to be more ecologically sound, promoting the use of single use plastics might seem counterintuitive. Slades are proud to support recycling by using PET bottles in our bottle-blowing machinery – PET is completely recyclable at the end of life. The PET that we choose for our bottle-blowing machinery is especially great for creating custom bottle shapes – it is easy to mould using heat and food-grade pressured air, so you can get the exact shape you want, simply.

We are always looking for new ways to package our own products, and our extensive knowledge and experience is available for you if you want to take advantage of our industry-leading contract beverage canning facilities.

Talk to Slades for all your Beverage Needs

Slades are the pinnacle of drink production in Australia. We have been working to improve the hydration of our fellow Australians by offering a range of products to suit all lifestyles – from low-joule fruit juice drinks to our famous carbonated soft drinks, and of course the most delicious spring water bottled at source right here in Australia.

Whatever you need from a drinks company – whether you want to hydrate your business with our delicious water, or you want to create your own delicious drinks using our state-of-the-art contract beverage canning facilities, Slades are here for you.

Call us today and find out how Slades can help you.

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