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Stretched across 12,000 m2 of production site and warehouse in the industrial town of Thomastown, VICTORIA and with more than 100 years of existence and manufacturing experience SLADES Beverages prides in its making of drinks and water. We specializes in custom label still water, sparkling drinks, plant-based UHT milk, juice drinks, energy drinks, and a lot more. Our dedicated team prides itself in offering a one-stop and cost effective solution for our customers, and we have the leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to cater to all our customer’s needs.

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Slades Beverages complements our manufacturing facility with the highest grade of Food Quality Accreditation. We have HACCP, ABWI and BRC Global Food Accreditation body for Food Safety Standard.

Mineral Bottled Water Manufacturing

Slades Beverages is fully Australian and family owned business. Slades Beverages could also be considered the largest privately owned manufacturer in Victoria. Not only does Slades manufacture its own brands, it also welcomes customers who would like to have their own private labels of their drinks. Furthermore, Slades has its own blow-moulding bottle plant so it can provide customers with the best possible price and needs.
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Bottled Mineral Water Manufacturing Companies – Why Slades is the Best Choice

With a worldwide emphasis on hydration as an essential part of everyday health, bottled mineral water manufacturing companies need to not only provide great tasting, clean and refreshing water, but packaging that is ecologically responsible too.

Slades have over 150 years of experience creating a great tasting range of drinks that are loved across Australia. From carbonated soft drinks to table ales, coconut water to spring water, Slades are the best choice for beverages because we care. That is why alongside drink development and flavour enhancements, we have investigated the best ways to package our products, making us an environmentally aware carbonated drinks and mineral water bottle manufacturer.

In our crusade to create delicious drinks, we have discovered the purest, cleanest water that comes direct from an extinct volcano. With a distinctive flavour profile created by the unique mineral content of the water that we pump directly from the aquifer and bottle at source, our spring water is delicious and refreshing.

Mount Warrenheip and the Magic of Minerals

The delicious water we bottle at source comes direct from the basalt rocks of an extinct volcano. Out of all the bottled water manufacturing companies in Australia, only our water has the perfect balance of minerals that creates the distinctive, silky smooth and slightly sweet taste that makes Cottonwood Springs water. As a Slades brand, Cottonwood Springs provides delicious water with all the research and knowledge that makes Slades a top mineral water bottle manufacturer.

Mt Warrenheip is an inactive scoria volcano cone located 10km from Ballarat, Victoria. It last erupted about a million years ago, and now most of the slopes are designated as nature conservation areas that provide homes for koalas and wallabies.

Through the basalt and scoria, natural spring water seeps gently through layers of rock forming the crystal-clear waters that we bottle. The balance of minerals like silica and magnesium is what gives our water the taste that we love – in fact, with 57mg of silica per litre, our water has the highest silica content of any water available in Australia.

Our typical composition shows a beautiful balance between magnesium and silica, but with additional minerals like calcium and potassium, our water offers the perfect, refreshing taste beloved by Australians.

More than Just Bottled Mineral Water

While we are understandably proud of our delicious water, we offer so much more here at Slades. While our carbonated soft drinks are wildly popular, we are looking to expand our offering to suit the rise in alternative beverages like plant-based milks, energy drinks and sparkling water.

Our roots lay in creating table ales in our first brewery, then ginger beer and root beer. Since then, Slades have expanded to create some of the most distinctive flavour profiles in carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, and there is no stopping us when it comes to making our drinks healthier. We already offer a range of low-joule options in our beverages, so the move towards creating plant-based alternatives like oat milk, pea, hemp, and macadamia milk is the logical next step.

Of course, like all mineral bottled water manufacturing companies we need to ensure that we remain ecologically sound in our processes. We already offer glass and carton options for some of our drinks, and where we use plastic, we make sure that we only use fully recyclable PET. We offer this same level of environmentally sound bottling to our contract packaging customers too – making us a perfect choice for outsourcing bottling and branding for any company making their own beverages.

If you are a beverage brand owner looking for a cost-effective way to bottle your products, then contact Slades to find out how we can use our knowledge, expertise, and technology to develop your brand today.

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